Baby Room Colors

Baby Room Colors

Answer: The main feng shui way to determine the best feng shui color for your baby's room is according to your baby's feng shui birth element. Check this feng shui chart to find out your baby's feng shui element.Next, in order to choose the best feng shui color for your baby's room, you will have to look into the basics of the five feng shui elements and understand how the five feng shui elements are represented in specific colors.This will help you find the feng shui colors that will nurture your baby's energy. You will also know which colors are best to avoid in your baby's room.Even though this might sound complicated, it is actually really easy. Let's look at an example of choosing the best feng shui colors for a baby with the birth feng shui element of Wood.
baby room colors 1

Baby Room Colors

2. Feng Shui Colors To Avoid for this Baby. The same interaction of the five feng shui elements – but in the destructive cycle – will show you which colors can be overpowering for your baby's energy. By overpowering I mean when color is used as the main wall color, for example.A strong presence of the Fire and Metal feng shui elements colors is best avoided in the room of a baby with the feng shui birth element of Wood.So, here are the feng shui colors that is best to avoid (in large quantities) in this baby's room:
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Baby Room Colors

When babies are first born, the only colors they can see well are black, white and grey. You’ll want to introduce a few colors into baby’s room, but experts recommend avoiding painting the walls red because it is the first color a baby sees, and a room with mostly red can be confusing. The best colors for babies to wake up to are shades that are softer, such as blues, greens and pinks, because a baby’s eyes can perceive those colors at about the same time as they develop.
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Baby Room Colors

So, you can choose a soft green or a warm light brown for your baby's room; or a combination of both.However, there are more feng shui color choices for you. If you study the productive cycle of the five feng shui elements, you will discover several other color options for your baby.As the Wood feng shui element is nurtured /supported by the Water element, as well as the Earth element, you can also choose your baby's room feng shui color from the colors that correspond to these two feng shui elements.
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Baby Room Colors

It is important to apply this info in an intelligent way because it is just a guideline to help make best color choices for your baby's room. It does not mean you should avoid white color in the room because this will be silly. What it means, though, is that a mostly white color baby's room with, let's say strong yellow, purple and orange elements, is not the best choice for this specific baby.
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Baby Room Colors

A mural can be a fun way to bring a baby’s room to life, and it doesn’t have to be fancy; simple blocks of color in the shapes of animals, trees or flowers will do. Keep in mind that a very “baby-themed” mural will probably need to be changed sooner than a solid wall or one with a simple stripe, damask or other pattern. You can also pair or group complementary colors together to create a cheery look.
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Baby Room Colors

Neutral walls are nice if you’re waiting until birth to learn your baby’s gender. You can add and change framed artwork in colors you love, and neutral walls can work as your child gets older. Neutrals are also a good choice if you want to showcase bedding, a hanging quilt, wall art, photographs or heirloom furniture pieces in your baby’s nursery. Neutral shades work well with either traditional or modern furnishings.
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Baby Room Colors

You want your baby’s room to be a nurturing, comforting place for your family’s new addition. However, especially if you have a small budget, you want to choose colors that will allow the room’s look to grow with your child without a lot of work.
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I have a little girl on the way and we’re trying to figure out paint colors right now. We want her room to have that open beachy kind of feel. Naturally we thought blue when going with a beach theme, but I’m afraid of it looking like a boy’s room. Any tips on complimentary colors so we can have that serene blue feel, but still keep it gender neutral?
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When decorating a room, we base our color choices on our preferences and, while that’s ok most of the times, color selection is not exactly a simple process. Each color has different effects on the human body and mind and it’s important to take these into consideration, especially when decorating the nursery room. After all, you want what’s best for your baby. Learn how color influences the development and behavior of your child and find the best color for his or her room.
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Cool colors have a calming effect on the body and can make your child’s room feel spacious and relaxing—think open skies and rolling waves. However, dark, cool colors can evoke all the doom and gloom of an impending storm and should be used in moderation.
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Choosing nursery colors for baby can be tricky. Hoping to escape the standard pink or blue motif, many parents leap into the world of color armed with little more than a whim and a prayer. After all, color selection is not exactly a science, right?
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Despite their soothing nature, cool colors are not particularly inviting and can leave people feeling cold and reserved if the atmosphere is too stark. To soften the effect, pair cool colors with creamy neutrals, and dress your space with soft fabrics and comfortable accessories.
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If you like, you can launch an idea for your baby’s room from a nursery rhyme or children’s story. Favorites include the classics “Goodnight Moon,” “Peter Rabbit,” or “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” Consider painting a mural or even painting the words on the walls.
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There is an endless amount of information on color out there. If you’re planning your nursery, take a few minutes and do a little research. After all, your baby will be in this room until you decide to repaint.
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I’m not sure if I completely agree with this article. I don’t think color has anything to do on how a child will develop. IMO- start out with a neutral color and wait to decorate your child’s room with the their favorite color. Their choice may surprise you. My son a lively and happy little boy chose a bluish grey and my daughter, the princess that she is, went with a beautiful lavender with pops of pink. Their playroom is decorated with their artwork on light tan walls with pops of rainbow colors.
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While science can make useful generalizations, remember that psychological responses are deeply personal. You may feel differently about a color based on your own cultural and personal preferences, and that’s fine. If your little boy loves the color red, don’t worry about the negatives. The brain is designed to identify what it needs and likes and will reward us for following direction. In other words, if your baby is happy, his brain is happy too. 
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My second baby is now four months old and I’ve transitioned her from the co-sleeper in our bedroom to the crib in her nursery. But other than sleep – at night and for naps, she actually doesn’t spend much of her time there. More often than not she’s in the main part of our house with my toddler and me, watching us play and interact, eat our meals, and go about our day.
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Yellow – Lively, Energetic, Cheerful – Yellow is sunny and bright but use with caution. Too much or too bright yellow can agitate a baby. Subtle yellow (think legal pads) promotes concentration and emotive thoughts.
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Blue – Healing, Subtle – Blue is calming, but be careful with the shade. Gray-blues can lean towards sadness. Blue increases productivity, but should not be used around food. If you have a child who refuses to eat, avoid blue plates! In the nursery, use warm or bright blues and avoid overusing navy or dark shades. Blue is also cooling, which is good for a baby who gets warm easily.
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My daughters room is all aqua. Her carpet is a deeper shade of Aqua. So for her nursery I went for an underwater theme and decorated with fish and mermaids (not Disney little mermaid, but think whimsical artwork) and pink and green accents. I have an oversized white fur floor rug too. Her older brother lives hanging out in her room! It’s very calm. Blue works for boys and girls. Hey, the sky is blue and the ocean is blue and they work for everyone, right?

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